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“Everyone practices, the best do it on purpose,
the rest do it on prospects.”

Kevin “KD” Dorsey


What is Mobile Practice?

The Mobile Practice & Coaching Platform to transform learning into application and performance in the field, through practice, coaching & sharing great performance.

Mobile Practice is a micro practice and coaching app, that uses video and messaging technology for field teams to integrate learning with practice, empower managers to coach and share great performance with team members.

Qualitative and quantitative metrics enable learners and coaches to focus on specific opportunities for performance improvement.

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So how does it work?

Create a simple and structured coaching scenario, for team members to practice & record a short video reply to a
question or challenge for the manager coach to observe and provide behavioural based feedback.

Create & share scenarios

Create Practice Scenario

Practice, record & submit

Practice Scenario

Review feedback & share

Evaluate Performance

Our offering

Train your Managers in coaching practices. Embed learning with a sales enablement mobile solution to simplify coaching opportunities. Initiate a real feedback culture in the organization with the help of expert coaches.

Effective Manager Coaching – Training Workshops

Mobile Practice – Software Training Solution

Shadow Coaching – Supported Training Services


Key Product Features

Coaching Criteria

Define criteria
to measure
desired observable behaviour.


Measure and manage
your team’s performance,
coaching and training needs.

Enterprise Ready

Mirror geographical and
functional structures.
Integrate metrics with
your LMS and CRM.


Mirror geographical and
functional structures.
Integrate metrics with
your LMS and CRM.

About you

As part of our customer-centric approach, we believe it’s important to start with ‘you’. We use personas to help you see how Mobile Practice can be deployed across your business to help improve performance.

Some customers we have the honour of working with.




“Mobile Practice enables students to practice in their training camps instead of travelling to the university. I can share practice scenarios with the students to practice, and coach their performance individually. This improves confidence to perform their end of year assessment.”

— Stephanie Vallet, Head of Pedagogy Bachelor e-learning.
Centre d’Études des Sportifs Nationaux et Internationaux (CESNI, University INSEEC)