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DIT Global Entrepreneur SEIS/EIS assurance approved




Mobile Practice is proud to be selected as a Department for International Trade Global Entrepreneur and SEIS/EIS assurance approved.

We are building our team in the UK where the investment, talent, research and market opportunities are exciting.

We are proud to work with partners in the UK like RedDoor Training and Cornerstone Consulting and look forward to work with professional and coaching partners who want to bring value to their clients post-learning with asynchronous practice and coaching interventions. Make it easy for Learners to practice skills in the field when it suits. Help managers & coaches to engage & coach one too many. Identify specific opportunities for incremental performance improvement.

We look forward to collaborating with leading universities like Warwick and Leeds to partner with us to continue the development of our AI capabilities to create awareness of learner communication style and identify opportunities for practice and incremental performance improvement.

We are looking for investment partnered through SEIS/EIS advance assurance scheme. To create a repeatable scalable business engine to recruit channel managers, responsible to recruit, train, manage our strategic partners. To continue the development of our AI-enabled technology.

Contact ben@mobilepractice.io for research and investment partnership.