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Step by Step Guide to download and connect to Mobile Practice

  1. Download mobilepractice from the Apple store.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Enter your email address (email address needs to be setup in Mobile Practice Database, in doubt email contact@mobilepractice.io

  1. Open email from Mobile Practice from your iphone.
  2. Click “Sign into Mobile Practice”.
  3. Click Open in MobilePractice.

  1. Take or select a photo of yourself.
  2. Continue.
  3. Click on Demo scenario.

  1. View demo scenario.
  2. Play introduction video.
  3. Record your answer.

  1. Coach will provide automatic feedback to simulate real life.
  2. Click on Hi …. here’s my evaluation.
  3. Click Evaluate scenario to rate your own experience.

View How to create your first scenario for more information…..