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Hotel staff your greatest asset for happy guests.

Handing over hotel keys

I have like many people stayed in many hotels both professionally and personally, and I have spoken to people who work in the hotel industry to find out what makes a great hotel. The number one differentiation that is common both from my personal experience and from my exchanges is the service that a hotel provides through its staff.

Managers are responsible for this high level of guest service in the hotel.

How do hotel managers ensure consistent performance within their teams?

Hotels are dynamic environments and demand exacting standards in order to differentiate and deliver a valued guest service. Valued guests return, valued guests promote your hotel and valued guests ensure the long term success of your hotel.

Your staff are your greatest asset as they are charged with delivering your value every moment they engage with your guests.

Recruitment of the correct staff is important, whether experienced hotel managers or promising new staff.

Once you have recruited your staff you need to train your staff in the cultural values and approach to guest engagement. This ensures that guests who stay in Paris, Hong Kong or New York enjoy the same standards.

Once trained you follow your staff as closely as you can in order to ensure your staff apply the newly acquired guest facing techniques.

You coach what you can see, and personal observations and coaching is the best method to ensure the performance of your new staff whilst they learn how to engage with guests, to delight them and make sure that their stay is the most comfortable as possible.

What happens when you have many staff and you don’t have the time or opportunity to observe and coach specific behaviours?

? How do you ensure that your staff can practice safely before they come into contact with your guests?

? How do you provide feedback and coaching within your busy schedule, which is constantly interrupted by your hotel guests?

? How do you share the best skills from your experienced staff with your new staff eager to learn and absorb as much as possible?

Communication skills, customer empathy and an eagerness to provide the best possible guest experience are characteristics that you seek when employing new staff. Jeff Weiner CEO of LinkedIn believes that the greatest challenge for people entering the job market is their ability to master and perfect their communication skills.

Whilst hotels recruit staff who have naturally higher communication skills, the bar is set even higher and so the focus of customer communication skills is a top priority. Training is a focus for many hotel groups, but hotels like many other industries suffer from the same challenge. How to ensure what has been learned is applied and perfected?

At Mobile Practice, “We believe that training is a tool for acquiring skills and knowledge, coaching is a tool for continuous improvement of performance.”

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