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How it works

. The manager coach can create real business scenarios for team members to practice and record a short video at a convenient moment. The manager coach can observe and coach communication skills at precise moments of customer engagement. Team members can share best practice of how to deal with specific customer situations, questions or objections.

We recognise that there is no replacement for physical observation, Mobile Practice complements face-to-face manager coaching with an intuitive video and messaging application. Mobile Practice empowers managers to create real situational scenarios for team members to practice and record  a short video, so managers can observe and coach good behaviour, and even share good practice the the team.

A core feature allows coaches to provide feedback, continue the dialogue with a follow up question, and can even share good videos with other team members.


Empower managers to engage and coach team members based on observable behaviour, and enables true social learning among peers for greater team performance.

1 Ensure knowledge retention through practice
2 Improve communications skills with real life scenarios.
3 Empower managers to coach remote teams.

Create & share scenarios

How it works
  1. Create a video title and scenario description.
  2. Record an explanatory video.
  3. Add guidance steps for your team members to prepare their recording.
  4. Enter evaluation criteria you want to observe.
  5. Select team members with whom you wish to share the practice scenario.

Practice, record & submit

How it works
  1. Read and review received practice scenario.
  2. Practice, record and review your video response.
  3. Submit your recording for coaching for feedback.

Review feedback & share

How it works
  1. Coach is notified of the team members’ response.
  2. Review recording.
  3. Prepare observational feedback based on evaluation criteria.
  4. Provide feedback and evaluate performance.
  5. Participant receives appreciation and provides self evaluation.