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Our offering

Train your Managers in coaching practices. Embed learning with an intuitive tool to simplify coaching opportunities. Initiate a real feedback culture in the organization with the help of expert coaches.

Effective Manager Coaching – Training Workshops

Provide your managers with the skills and tools to help them manage and coach their field teams for greater performance. Identify their natural management style and how to adapt different managerial coaching techniques in different situations. Employ observation based feedback techniques to create lasting behaviour change.

Mobile Practice – Software Training Solution

Practice, coach and share great performance. Complement your face-to-face coaching. Mobile Practice enables managers to create real life practice scenarios for key moments of engagement for team members to practice and record a short video. The manager coach can review and provide observation based feedback as part of a continuous performance improvement. Examples of great performance are easily shared for social learning and team performance.

Shadow Coaching – Supported Training Services

Mobile Practice and its coaching partners can accompany sales and your sales managers with effective and efficient shadow coaching, as your managers apply new coaching techniques. Shadow coaching provides an offline dialogue with external coaches dramatically reducing the cost of continuous coaching. Eliminate travel costs as well as tricky synchronisation of diaries for one to one face to face and video coaching sessions.

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