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What is the best approach to virtual learning to ensure performance in the field?

Modern learning for modern learners.

Julia is a sales executive, dreams of a truly different learning experience that’s modern, mobile, relevant and applicable in the field. She requires a virtual learning program aligned with the best modern educational practices with: Micro-Learning combined with a virtual class followed by individual video coaching.

Self paced cognitive learning

First, the purely cognitive dimension of virtual learning allows access to new knowledge. Julia can proceed at her own pace, accessing dynamic and varied bite size content coupled with engaging activities. This first step of the learning path lays the foundation for an effective virtual class, centered on exchange and practice. This logic of reverse pedagogy, according to which the learner discovers the theoretical content upstream of the course, is backed up by adult education studies. learning ensures knowledge retention, meaning “I Know it. However this does not mean that the learner has the capacity to apply this knowledge. 


I learn at my own pace

Virtual classroom

Second It is essential to offer exercises so that she can practice  transforming this theoretical knowledge into concrete actions. The learner must be able to question, challenge and be challenged, exchange with  peers and be coached by an expert or a qualified trainer.

The fact that a learner may “Know it” and they can “Show it” does not guarantee new behaviors back in the field.


I practice in a safe environment

Mobile coaching

Third, practice, feedback and coaching are the only way to embed new knowledge and skills and create new behaviours. 

A manager coach to create structured practice scenarios based on real business situations that they can share with their team to practice and record a short video response to a single positioning statement, question or objection. Team members can practice anytime anywhere, practice and review their own performance before sending their recording to the manager coach for review and feedback. This leverages an adult learning development theory. Repetition and integration and self-evaluation embeds learning and changes attitude.

This will ensure that Julia, “Knows it”, “Shows it” and most importantly that she  “Uses it”. 


Practice and coach when and where it works for me.


Transform learning into performance in the field.

This modern virtual pedagogy means that as a sales executive, I can learn, practice & perfect my skills when it suits me. The manager coach can engage, observe & coach their team with a simple structured process. The learning & development professional ensures return of performance of learning programs with measurable behaviour change. The marketing professional is confident of accurate communication. Finally senior management will drive consistent team performance.

More opportunities to practice, coach and share best practice for greater performance.


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